Weight Loss | January 21, 2020

The Best Time to Get a Facelift

facial rejuvenation surgery can significantly improve one’s appearance

Having any type of facial rejuvenation surgery can significantly improve one’s appearance. At Fresh Image, the FreshLift facelift provides the most substantial results of any of our procedures, while providing a natural appearance that isn’t overdone or overstretched. We hear our patients talk about why they’ve waited to have a facelift, despite considering it for months or years. Typically, they decide to complete it once they have had significant aging and drooping.

While we can certainly improve the effects of aging at any stage, Dr. Standefer believes that the ideal time to consider a facelift is when you become aware of early laxity, or looseness, of your face and neck. This is usually first noticed when the skin along the jawline or inner cheek moves or droops more than it used to. Others may not notice the relaxation in your face quite yet, but this laxity needs to be corrected before it progresses to become more obvious. By having a facelift when you first begin noticing the laxity, you will avoid experiencing continued droopiness and others will be less likely to realize you had plastic surgery. Like having your first gray hair, aging can seem to happen almost overnight, and there is no going back.

Many patients who have waited until the droopiness is significant tell us during their consultation that they can’t believe how rapidly their face aged in the last 6 months to a year. They often are concerned that they will lose their youthful identity. This unpleasant experience can be avoided if you have a corrective facelift before the laxity becomes too apparent.

It is very common to see accelerated aging in patients who have an acute illness or experience regular stress. Weight loss also tends to speed up aging, which can be very disappointing to someone who is simply trying to regain health and a youthful appearance. Losing just 10 pounds can add a few years to someone’s appearance when they’ve reached the laxity stage since fat loss will occur in the face and exacerbate droopiness. If you’ve noticed subtle laxity and are planning to lose weight or have recently lost weight, you may consider having a complimentary FreshLift facelift consultation.

Dr. Standefer provides a high quality FreshLift facelift that will last for years. There’s no need to wait to have a facelift until aging has advanced to a degree that you are uncomfortable with.

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