Cheek augmentation in Dallas

Cheek Augmentation


High cheekbones can not only provide aesthetic beauty, but they also support the tissues of your face that naturally descend with the aging process. A cheek augmentation will add volume to the cheek areas or middle of the face below the eyes.

 Cheek Augmentation

If you have flatter or thinner tissues in your mid-face, have lost your “apple cheeks” because of weight loss, or have lost the fullness your cheeks once had, cheek implants will enhance your appearance. A cheek augmentation in Dallas from Dr. Standefer will add volume to the cheek areas or middle of the face below the eye, creating a youthful, beautiful appearance.

Full apple cheeks gives us a more youthful, energetic look.

Dr. John A. Standefer

how it works

Consultation & Recommendations

Dr. Standefer will meet with you in a consultation and make a recommendation after examining you and hearing about your concerns. We will go over all the options for your cheek augmentation in Dallas and decide on a surgery date that fits your schedule.


What it treats.

Flat or Thin Mid-Face Tissue

Volume Loss

Loss of “Apple Cheeks”

Desire for More Flattering Facial Contour


Is downtime required?

Yes, patients need to take it easy for 5 to 7 days.

Procedure time.

1 hour


How long does it take to recover a Cheek Augmentation?

Swelling and bruising will subside within 1 to 2 weeks.

Before & After


Mardin  | 28

Cheek Augmentation


Mardin  | 28

Cheek Augmentation


Donna  | 61

Cheek Augmentation


Real Self Review

A great doctor. Dr. Standefer is so patient, kind, and considerate. Wanted to know exactly what I wanted, and made sure I was happy. His enthusiasm, care, and knowledge are second to none, in my humble opinion.

— J. K.


Real Self Review

…I can not say enough about Dr. Standefer and his entire office staff. I am VERY pleased with my end results. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Standefer.

— Steph B.

Real Self Review

I really had a great experience. My expectation was over and beyond. They people in the center was friendly and put me at ease about everything. The first day when I looked in the mirror I was more than satisfied.

— Valerie





Dr. Standefer offers consultations for you to visit him about your concerns. He takes great pride in spending the time needed with you to answer all your questions and make recommendations. Give us a call at 214-540-0371 or book your appointment online to schedule a consultation for a Cheek Augmentation in Dallas.

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