What is a Freshlift Facelift?
Fresh Image Cosmetic Surgery Center is known to have the best facelift in Dallas, also known as the FreshLift facelift. The facelift procedure repositions tissues that have descended from the cheek into the folds around your mouth and into the jowls along the jaw line. The FreshLift facelift also addresses sagging or loose skin in the neck area. It tightens the muscles underneath the chin after removing the excess fatty tissues in the chin and the neck, which gives the best profile possible. Dallas’ expert facelift surgeon, Dr. John Standefer, ensures that each patient’s new appearance does not look overdone, over-stretched or unnatural.

How is it performed?
The FreshLift facelift is performed using local anesthesia and can be combined with many other surgical and non-surgical procedures. Local anesthesia is typically safer than general anesthesia for most patients and makes your procedure more affordable by eliminating a hospital stay and surgery fees. The FreshLift facelift is performed in our beautiful, state-of-the-art AAAHC accredited office-based surgical facility, located in Dallas, Texas on the Dallas Parkway.

How much does it cost?
The FreshLift facelift is customized for each patient and can be combined with multiple surgical or non-surgical procedures. Because each person is unique, please call to schedule your complimentary consultation for a FreshLift facelift. We will discuss your exact needs and provide you with your cost options. We offer various FINANCING OPTIONS to make the FreshLift facelift affordable for everyone.

What can I expect after a facelift?
Recovery time for a FreshLift facelift is the same as with most facial surgical procedures and traditional facelifts. For the facelift, expect a range from 10 to 30 days depending on the number of procedures performed and your recovery response ability. Pain after a facelift is typically easily controlled with oral pain medications that are tapered to just Tylenol (acetaminophen) within 48-72 hours. After healing has completed, you will love the results of your FreshLift facelift!

Freshlift facelift