Semaglutide Injections for Weight Loss in dallas

Semaglutide Injections


Semaglutide weight loss injection is the FDA approved medical weight loss injection used to control sugar.

Treat UNwanted weight

Semaglutide is a diabetes medication used to control blood sugar. It may also reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and other serious complications of type 2 diabetes or heart or blood vessel disease. It works by increasing the amount of insulin in your bloodstream, reducing the blood sugar levels of a person who has trouble regulating. Though semaglutide may be used to treat diabetes, it’s not insulin. It’s a medication that can be used to help insulin do its job and lower blood sugar, but most patients are advised to use it as part of a comprehensive approach to treat type 2 diabetes, in conjunction with diet and exercise and any other medication or dietary supplement their doctor has approved.

The FDA first approved semaglutide to help people lose weight in 2021, making it the first anti-obesity medication to be allowed onto the market since 2014. When used for treating obesity, the medication should always be paired with improved diet and a regular healthy exercise program. Subcutaneous semaglutide, a brand name of  semaglutide was subjected to four separate placebo controlled trials lasting 68 weeks. The testing showed that medication was more effective than the placebo for weight loss and chronic weight management. For people with weight-related medical problems, semaglutide can be an effective choice for helping lose weight, advance a successful weight loss program and maintain a healthy body weight for as long as the treatments are given.

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how it works

Our Physician Assistant, Keri King will meet with you in a free consultation and make a recommendation after examining you and hearing about your weight loss concerns. We will go over all the weight loss options with you at our Dallas med spa and decide on a treatment plan that fits your needs.


What it treats

Excess weight.


Is downtime required?


Procedure time.

A consultation and lab work with our PA, Keri King is all that is required to begin your weight loss journey.

Expect to get a physical exam and a medical history work-up. Our practitioner  will assess your history of allergies and cancer and review other medications you may be taking. Your current body weight, history of weight loss attempts and body mass index will all factor into the decision to try semaglutide for losing weight.

The initial treatment will be a subcutaneous injection of a low dose of  semaglutide. This is a deliberately low dose, since possible side effects include a serious drop in blood sugar and it takes time to adjust. Over four weeks, the dose is gradually increased until you’re getting the full dosage  once a week. The injections are given on the same day each week for for a specified time determined with the practitioner. During your treatment period, our practitioner will work with you to develop viable weight management strategies that go beyond the medication. Diet and exercise patterns, building healthy lifestyle patterns and a strong social support network are all part of your strategy to lose weight, and they’ll be included as part of your weight management plan.

How fast does it work.

When can I start to see weight loss from  semaglutide injections?

If you’re taking semaglutide for chronic weight management, you can expect to see some results by the end of the first month, though the low initial doses of this drug treatment mean the initial results will be subtle and only appear a few weeks in. Larger amounts of excess weight come off in subsequent weeks, with the peak weight loss happening between weeks 8-28.



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