Neck tightening

Beauty Boost: Neck Tightening

Restore your youthful facial profile with this popular procedure The aging process doesn’t play favorites when it comes to the clever ways it can alter our appearance. As the years pass, most people recognize a difference in their neck, particularly skin that looks droopy or flabby. These changes are most often the result of muscles that have started relaxing, which causes the skin to sag. Neck tightening, also called a  neck lift, can make a significant difference. The procedure lifts ...

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woman at medspa consultation

Setting the Medspa Standard

Fresh Image Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Center sets the medspa gold standard You don’t ask a dentist for a haircut. You wouldn’t expect a lawyer to fix your car. You can’t count on an architect to teach economics. When it comes to aligning the right professional with the right job, expertise in the field should always guide your decision. This is precisely why individuals looking for medical spa treatments should seek out a clinic that exceeds industry compliance — and ...

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Dr. John Standefer

Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

When to Choose a Facial Plastic Surgeon vs. a General Plastic Surgeon – Written by Dallas plastic surgeon, Dr. John Standefer As a facial plastic surgeon in Dallas, I hear many patients talk about how they have a difficult time choosing a plastic surgeon. There are many to choose from in the Dallas metroplex, but it is important to understand how to find the best plastic surgeon for your unique needs. Your choice of the best surgeon comes down to ...

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st. standefer and pam

Mini Lift vs Facelift

How a Facial Plastic Surgeon Decides Which Is Right For You Many of our patients visit our facial plastic surgery office in Dallas, Texas looking for ways to improve their aging appearance. Oftentimes, they are confused about whether a mini lift or a facelift is the best option for them. Sagging skin and tissue in the face and neck can be improved in various ways, so let’s look at both options. In reality, the natural loss of elasticity occurs throughout ...

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Dr. standefer in action

Benefits of Local Anesthesia Versus General Anesthesia

Dr. John Standefer of Fresh Image Cosmetic Surgery Center in Dallas, Texas addresses why he chooses to use local anesthesia with oral sedation instead of general anesthesia for all of his surgical procedures. At Fresh Image Cosmetic Surgery Center in Dallas, Texas, we never use general anesthesia. Many patients are surprised to hear this, as a lot of surgeons in the area use general anesthesia, administered by an anesthesiologist. I received extensive training to safely and effectively administer local anesthesia ...

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dr. standefer realself award photo

Dr. Standefer Earns Respected RealSelf 500 Award

Dr. John Standefer has been announced as one of 500 board-certified doctors worldwide to receive the RealSelf 500 honor, an esteemed accolade recognizing the highest-rated and most active doctors on RealSelf, the world’s largest online aesthetics community to learn about cosmetic treatments and connect with doctors and other clinicians. The RealSelf 500 honorees are selected based on a variety of criteria, including the quality and quantity of patient reviews, as well as engagement with the RealSelf community via questions and ...

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woman with Halo logo

HALO, Beautiful!

Let’s face it! We all want skin that is naturally glowing and beautiful. Unfortunately, many of the patients who visit our Dallas medspa battle uneven skin tone, melasma, sun damage and age spots, making it difficult to get the radiant skin they want. That’s when Halo™ comes to the rescue! Halo is the first-ever hybrid fractional laser. So what exactly does this mean? Halo delivers two different wavelengths at the same time to treat a wide range of problems. Most ...

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woman in garden with flowers

Rhinoplasty 101

The nose is one of the most prominent facial features. If it is crooked or out of proportion with the other structures of the face, the nose can distract from the rest of the face. Many times, this affects a person’s confidence and self-esteem. Fortunately, rhinoplasty, also commonly called a nose job, changes the nose’s shape and helps enhance the overall facial features. Rhinoplasty surgery is an outpatient procedure that can correct a variety of aesthetic problems such as a ...

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woman being examined

Expert Dallas Plastic Surgeon Explains Face and Eye-lid Lifts

We all want to look as young and fit as we can….and we want to look like that forever!  Facelifts have been around for about 100 years. The original facelifts were a mere excision of the excess skin in front of the ear. This lessened the facial wrinkles somewhat and was the standard for the next 50 years. Because skin stretches when put under any tension whatsoever, the lifts didn’t last very long and the results left much ...

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woman with smile

Dr. Standefer Talks for Loss of Skin Elasticity Solutions

The truth is that aging skin is a reality and in essence this entire discussion is “all about elasticity”! As the skin ages, it loses collagen. It also loses elasticity. The day that gravity gets stronger than the elastin fibers, that’s the day! That’s the day we wake up and look in the mirror and wonder what happened! We start to notice that our skin is hanging down over our jaw line, our neck is droopy, our eyelids hang down ...

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