| January 21, 2020

A Youthful Edge

Why a Neck Lift Surpasses Liposuction

Science and innovation have ushered in a new era for cosmetic surgery procedures, and patients have many choices about where to go for their procedure(s), as well as how to treat their issue. For patients who want to redefine their jawline and profile, they often contemplate having either liposuction or a neck lift.

Understanding the differences between the two treatments can help patients make an educated decision on whether the neck lift is a better choice.

Muscle Up

Most people will experience a gravitational reality: the skin underneath the neck starts to sag as they age. They may assume that the droop is due to weight gain or a collection of wayward fat. While those realities may be part of the issue, the main culprit is actually a relaxed platysma muscle, which is located under the neck skin and tissue. While liposuction removes the fat from the area, only a neck lift can lift and tighten and reposition the platysma muscle.

Skin Deep

After the fatty tissue is removed via liposuction, the skin doesn’t spring back into its original position as it would have in our younger years. This means that the patient still has excess or baggy skin, sometimes referred to as a “double chin,” or “turkey neck.” A neck lift is key to correcting this issue. During the procedure, the physician trims away excess skin to tone the jawline.

Liposuction Is a Partner Procedure

Liposuction has an important place in cosmetic surgery and is often most beneficial when used in conjunction with another procedure. The fat collected from liposuction can be transferred to another facial area where a patient has lost volume over time.

However, with the neck area, simply removing the fat via liposuction leaves the skin hanging and saggy, like a deflated balloon. The stretched out area still needs to be remedied by tightening the skin tissue and muscle.

What to Expect with a Neck Lift

Dallas plastic surgeon, Dr. John Standefer, performs every neck lift procedure at the accredited Fresh Image Cosmetic Surgery Center. He starts by making tiny incisions underneath the chin and behind the ears so he can lift, tighten, and secure the platysma muscle into a new position. He then uses liposuction to remove excess fat. All incisions are closed with sutures and heal without scarring. Most patients overcome swelling and bruising in 10 to 14 days, with final results in about three to four weeks.

A neck lift procedure is the most comprehensive way to redefine the jawline and create a more youthful-looking profile. For long-lasting results, this procedure is preferred over liposuction alone.

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