Skin Care | January 21, 2020

Beauty Boost: Eyelid Lift and Bag Removal Procedure

Rejuvenate your appearance by restoring the skin above and under the eyes

A youthful spirit is key to a long life. A vibrant, open-eyed appearance is key to looking good throughout it.

As we age, eyelid skin can become stretched out, and the skin under the eye can puff and droop. When genetics and gravity take their toll, you can look tired and older than you really are. An eyelid lift and eye bag removal procedure helps to tighten and restore the skin, revealing a more refreshed, youthful, natural appearance.

Seeing Reality
The skin around the eyelids is the thinnest of the entire body, making it susceptible to stretching and inelasticity. Genetics can cause the skin below the eyebrow to drop, and a naturally low-set brow can exacerbate the problem.

The skin under the lower eyelids is also thin, and muscles tend to lose strength over time. While the fat pads underneath the eyes are natural and there to support and protect the eye, they protrude when the muscles can no longer support the fatty tissue. This is the phenomenon that causes the skin to sag and create “bags.”

There are several factors that contribute to protruding fat pads:

  • Contact Lenses: People who wear contact lenses may pull their lids with force (even slight force), inadvertently contributing to the muscle and skin tissue inelasticity.
  • Circulation Issues, Allergies, or Congestion: The blood around the eyes has to flow back up through the nose and out again, so any obstacles will stymie this natural process and cause swelling, fluid retention, and puffiness.

There’s also a secondary issue with under-eye bags: dark circles. As the bags protrude, they cast a shadow. The shadow can create an illusion of dark circles or discoloration under the eyes. By smoothing out the surface with a bag removal treatment, the shadow disappears.                 

The Best Procedures
The eyelid lift is also known as a blepharoplasty. For this procedure, the physician gently removes the excess skin, muscle, and fatty tissue above the eyelid crease, ensuring the eyelids are still able to naturally close.

The bag removal procedure is similar in that the physician removes excess fat pads from the area below the eye. The lower eyelid is rejuvenated by removing any fat pads and excess skin and/or tightening the existing collagen layer with laser resurfacing or facial peeling.

Fast Recovery
Patients recover quickly from an eyelid lift and bag removal procedure, and most bruising and swelling subsides within two weeks. At Fresh Image Cosmetic Surgery Center, the eyelid lift and bag removal procedure can be completed in conjunction with another face or neck procedure.

Eye on Experience and Excellence
When it comes to selecting the right physician and clinic, it’s important to do your homework to understand the differences. Fresh Image Cosmetic Surgery Center offers patients two big advantages over other clinics.

  • Precise Experience: Every eyelid lift and bag removal procedure is performed by John Standefer, a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon with three decades of experience performing thousands of eyelid procedures. Assisting Dr. Standefer is a highly trained clinical team of nurse practitioners, registered nurses, certified medical assistants, certified laser technicians and certified surgical techs. Fresh Image also employs licensed medical estheticians and cosmetic consultants.
  • Think Local: All surgical procedures are performed with local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia. This approach is safer, less expensive, and allows patients to realize a quicker recovery.

The simple eyelid lift and bag removal procedure is designed to restore your youthful appearance so you can enjoy a refreshed and beautiful outlook on life.


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