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Dr. Standefer is one of the most experienced facial cosmetic surgeons in the region. He's performed thousands of successful procedures, and has pioneered new and innovative techniques. Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs with him.


FreshLift™ Facelift

Fresh Image Cosmetic Surgery Center offers patients our exclusive FreshLift. A FreshLift procedure repositions tissues that have descended from the cheek into the folds around your mouth and into the jowls along the jawline. You can also use The FreshLift procedure to address the neck. It tightens up the muscles underneath your chin, removes excess fatty tissues in the chin and the neck, and gives you the best profile possible. As a Fresh Image patient, your new appearance will not be overdone, over-stretched or unnatural.  LEARN MORE


It is often said that “the eyes are the window to the soul”. The eyes are the first thing you notice in other people and the first thing that people notice when they look at you. Having an open-eyed and refreshed look portrays a more vibrant and youthful appearance.  LEARN MORE


If you are in the early stages of aging due to relaxation of the tissues in your cheek, have slight jowling along the jawline, or an increase in the depth of the folds between your nose and your lateral lip (nasolabial folds), you will benefit from a mini-lift or cheek lift.


High cheekbones not only provide you with aesthetic beauty, but they also support the tissues of your face that naturally descend with the aging process. If you have flatter or thinner tissues in your mid-face, have lost your “apple cheeks” due to weight loss, or have simply lost the fullness your cheeks once had, cheek implants will enhance your appearance.


A strong chin, especially in men, is aesthetically and emotionally very important. The chin provides balance to your profile and is generally considered essential to achieving aesthetic facial beauty. Patients who are born with a genetically smaller or recessed chin can obtain facial balance by having a small chin augmentation procedure.


Transfer of fatty tissue to the face to improve volume has become quite common over the last 25 years. This technique can be used to correct sagging of the tissues or the jowls along the jawline and around the eyes. It can also reverse loss of volume, which naturally occurs with aging.


Your lips, along with the rest of your face, age at different rates depending on sun exposure, smoking, genetics, general health, gender, and other medical conditions. As your lips lose volume, the so-called “pout” of your lips also diminishes causing your lips to look longer from the base of the nose to the upper lip margin.

Dr. Standefer offers several of options to help you achieve full, beautiful lips that appear natural. No two procedures are exactly alike. Each lip procedure is tailored to address your individual facial features and your aesthetic goals.  LEARN MORE


Almost everybody experiences relaxation in their neck tissues at some point. The cause of this relaxation is the platysma muscle, which is a very thin muscle that covers the more important deeper structures of the neck. The platysma muscle is underneath the skin and a layer of fatty tissue. The thickness of the fatty layer varies from patient to patient.


Our eyebrows also age, but because they are over muscle it is often less noticeable than lower face relaxation. The position of the brow is critical to give you an open and fresh look and should always be evaluated when considering any procedures associated with your upper face.


Rhinoplasty can be one of the most challenging, but also the most rewarding facial cosmetic available.


Fuller, more voluptuous lips are aesthetically pleasing and desirable. Injections of the lips began back in the early 1980s with collagen injections. Collagen injections rapidly became widespread due to the ability to temporarily reverse the natural thinning of the lip tissues. The injections are usually well tolerated by most patients and quickly expand to the wrinkles surrounding the mouth.  LEARN MORE


Ear lobe repair is a common procedure not only after facelift surgery, but also as a result of torn ear lobes (lobules). Since the ear lobules are not attached to a sturdy foundation, they are dependent on tension of any of the surrounding tissues, such as the cheek tissues that tend to stretch after facelift surgeries.


When ear protrusion is more than expected, it is often the source of ridicule and embarrassment. Protrusion of the ear can be limited to the upper portion of the ear, from the cartilage on the back side of the ear which forces the ear away from the skull, or it can even be an enlarged lobe of the ears.